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Published by Taybin on 30 Apr 2008

Monster Movie

Monster Movie
I found Monster Movie a couple years ago, but I started listening to them again this morning on my commute.  They have a bunch of songs that I like to put on repeat and just bliss out listening to.  Apparently one of its members used to be in Slowdive.

You can purchase their albums from Graveface Records.

This is one of my favorite songs.  I’ve put it on tons of mixes.

Published by Taybin on 29 Apr 2008

Twee Tuesday – Tullycraft

Published by Taybin on 28 Apr 2008

Singing Bridges

Singing Bridges
It was rainy today so I googled for “rainy day twee” and found this.  Just what I wanted.  Apparently they are on Skipping Stone Records, which is awesome.

Here is their website.  Check them out!

Published by Taybin on 27 Apr 2008

Shoegaze Sunday – Lush

Published by Taybin on 26 Apr 2008

rss versus atom feeds

I just discovered today that my atom feed is broken.  If you had subscribed to it, I suggest resubscribing to my rss2 feed.  As a matter of convenience, I’ve made the rss2 feed the only one available.

Published by Taybin on 26 Apr 2008


Morrissey on Grass
I was blasting this from my girlfriend’s car as I drove around my neighborhood today. I liked the song so much, I blasted it twice.

Published by Taybin on 25 Apr 2008

Friends With You

Stunned Penguin
I randomly found this band just from clicking around on myspace. They kinda remind me of Hooliganship mixed with Lullatone.  They definitely wish they were Japanese. It appears it’s two guys who also make little toys and giant balloons based on the creatures in their videos.  They also had some anime-inspired thing about penguins living in medieval Japan.

I’m not quite sure what they’re about, but I liked these two songs and videos.

Published by Taybin on 24 Apr 2008

The Smittens

The Smittens
cold in vermont
I heard The Smittens for the first time at last year’s NYC Popfest. I immediately bought both their albums and a tshirt. Their music is a little goofy and over-the-top, but I love it.

It’s just pure, good, clean fun. I’ve include two songs from their latest album, A Little Revolution, which I think really epitomize their sound.

And it looks like they got picked up by Happy Happy Birthday To Me, so hopefully that means they’ll have more stuff coming out soon. Their albums can be bought at HHBTM’s website and if you’re in Vermont, you can see them play.  I’m definitely seeing them next time they come to NYC.

Published by Taybin on 23 Apr 2008

Kevin Devine show photos

I finally uploaded the photos I took from the Kevin Devine show from last Sunday.  I hope you like them.

I should probably also mention that his album Put Your Ghosts To Rest is being re-released by the label Procrastinate! Music Traitors.

Published by Taybin on 23 Apr 2008

Space Needle

Space Needle
I found this great old band yesterday called Space Needle. Apparently they existed for three minutes in the mid-90s. But luckily for them, and for me, someone heard a song and put them on a TV show I watched last night.

What everyone needs to do is go to their myspace page and listen to the song Never Lonely Alone. It’s great.  I spent all day listening to it.

They have this other song Before I Lose My Style which is really nice too. A sweet little home footage video of people from the early 60s swimming around and stuff.

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