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Published by Taybin on 29 May 2008

Throw Me The Statue

throw me a ladder
This band is great, especially if you like glockenspiel.

I first came across them on the wonderful The Take-Away Shows website.

Everyone needs to watch these videos.  They’re shot on the Seattle Bainbridge ferry, which I haven’t been on, but I kinda want to ride now.

The glockenspiel player just goes crazy.  A little crazy on the Lolita track, but a lot crazy on their cover of Guided By Voices‘ My Valuable Hunting Knife.

Wonderful stuff.

You should also read the post and watch the first video. I’m not a cinematographer so I’m still trying to figure out why I like The Take-Away Shows’ videos so much.  But if I had to pick a word, it’d be organic.

You can hear a little of the environmental noise, but they’re still wonderfully recorded.  The musicians just kinda deal with whatever happens.  In the Architecture in Helsinki videos, they’re marching down the street and a car honks at them.  And it just works.


Throw Me the Statue – Lolita
by lablogotheque

Throw Me the Statue – My valuable hunting knife
by lablogotheque

Published by Taybin on 28 May 2008


PlushgunMy friend Sarah pointed out this fun band, Plushgun. Very 80s sounding.  It reminds me of The Lightning Seeds.

I spent all day listening to their songs on their myspace page.

My favorite song is their song, Just Impolite.  The chorus is terrific.

Here’s a video for it:

They’re Brooklyn based, if you can’t tell from their song, Union Pool, a popular hangout in deep Williamsburg.

Published by Taybin on 27 May 2008

Twee Tuesday – This is Ivy League

Published by Taybin on 19 May 2008


Wedding Portrait

I’ll be on vacation this week, visiting a friend in LA who is getting married.  Posts resume next Tuesday.

Published by Taybin on 18 May 2008

Shoegaze Sunday – Chapterhouse

Published by Taybin on 17 May 2008

The Little Ones

The Little Ones
The Little Ones have a new album out!

I loved their previous one.  My only problem with it was there weren’t enough songs. Since the new album is an EP, I guess I’ll have the same problem with it too.  Which isn’t a bad thing, really.

Their myspace. You can buy their new album here.

This is kinda cool. A dance remix of their single, Lovers Who Uncover.


Published by Taybin on 16 May 2008

From Bubblegum To Sky

From Bubblegum To Sky
From Bubblegum To Sky is one of the bands opening for Tullycraft at this year’s NYC Popfest.

I love this song, Hello Hello Hi, because it sounds like one of those songs I’ve heard all my life but didn’t know it.  Like when I first heard Belle and Sebastian.

They’re west coast, so I’m glad I’ll get what’s probably a rare opportunity to see them.

You can buy their album at iTunes or eMusic.

Their myspace. Their label.

Published by Taybin on 15 May 2008

Spilt Milk

spilt milk
I heard this song a month or so ago on Nothing But Green Lights. And their write-up was so good I don’t want to try to improve upon it.

They wield the glockenspiel, rather than playing it

But I haven’t heard nearly enough people talk about this band so I thought they should get another mention, somewhere. I love this song, Let’s Get Married.

Their myspace page.

Published by Taybin on 14 May 2008


I don’t remember how I heard this band, Fireflies.  Maybe I was googling twee.  Maybe I read about them on someone else’s blog.  It doesn’t matter.  This is great stuff.  All ethereal vocals and glockenspiel.

The label’s name is Music Is My Girlfriend, which is hilarious and awesome.

The “band” which is just one guy has a new album out, Goodnight Stars, Goodnight Moon.  You can buy it here or from your favorite twee distributor.

Published by Taybin on 13 May 2008

Twee Tuesday – Log Lady Train

They’re covering Lordi’s Hardrock Hallelujah.

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