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Published by Taybin on 30 Jun 2008

Foundry Field Recordings

I don’t remember where I first heard Foundry Field Recordings. Probably KEXP or something similar. They’re really good though. Maybe if Neutral Milk Hotel wrote songs about old wars?  Oh wait, they did. The album I have, Prompts/Miscues, seems to be a concept album, but I’m not sure what the concept is.

Oh well, I’m looking forward to the next album anyways.


Published by Taybin on 29 Jun 2008

Her Space Holiday

My sister’s wedding was a complete blast.  We basically had everyone dancing for two hours straight.  Lots of 60s rock and then 80s at the end.  It was a great time.

While Kat and I were ironing tablecloths in preparation, I heard this song The Doctor and the DJ on Soma FM by the band Her Space Holiday. What a great wedding song.  What a great wedding.

Published by Taybin on 28 Jun 2008

Kitty Craft

last known photo
Kitty Craft is another band that has disappeared.  No website, no myspace, nothing.  There are a couple interviews and reviews if you dig deep enough, but they’re all from the late 90s it seems.

But regardless, I thought this was just the best music when I heard it. I’ve heard other people describe it as a female Beck, and I can see that.  But it’s a little more hip-hop too.

I think Pamela Valfer is now either an art professor and/or record producer. She had a credit on the first The Northern State album, so that’s cool.  But I’d like a new album please.

Published by Taybin on 26 Jun 2008

wedding dj

I’m in something like this, perhapsCT for my sister’s wedding.  I’m spending today assembling the mix list for the entire wedding and it’s probably going to be a case of too many chefs.  Oh well, I can’t see how it won’t be fun in any case.

The music selection isn’t entirely up to me, or else it would turn into Taybin’s Shoegaze Wedding.

Here’s a song I’ve been listening to a bunch lately, ’cause it’s so cute with the ukulele.

Published by Taybin on 24 Jun 2008

Twee Tuesday – Camera Obscura

Published by Taybin on 23 Jun 2008

Kindercore Records

I’m glad the Kindercore website is back up, but this might be the worst band write-up I’ve ever seen.

Published by Taybin on 23 Jun 2008

Masters of the Hemisphere

probably high
Masters of the Hemisphere were one of the first indiepop bands I ever heard. They were on this kindercore compilation and their song On The Streets The Key was just amazing. It has this multi-layered ending with three vocal sections.  And Meteor has a great ending too in the same style. I still get it in my head every now and then.

Not all their songs sound like that, but it’s what I like.

I got to see them twice in NYC and I have never seen any band perform as high as they were.  I have no idea how they were able to stand, let alone play their instruments.  And they played well too.

They broke up a couple years ago, but luckily, their last album, Protest a Dark Anniversary, was a good way to go out.

Published by Taybin on 22 Jun 2008

rough week

It’s been a rough week. Regular updates start again tomorrow.

Published by Taybin on 22 Jun 2008

Shoegaze Sunday – Galaxie 500

Published by Taybin on 17 Jun 2008

Twee Tuesday – Lil’ Hospital

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