Month: June 2008

  • Foundry Field Recordings

    I don\’t remember where I first heard Foundry Field Recordings. Probably KEXP or something similar. They\’re really good though. Maybe if Neutral Milk Hotel wrote songs about old wars?  Oh wait, they did. The album I have, Prompts/Miscues, seems to be a concept album, but I\’m not sure what the concept is. Oh well, I\’m […]

  • Her Space Holiday

    My sister\’s wedding was a complete blast.  We basically had everyone dancing for two hours straight.  Lots of 60s rock and then 80s at the end.  It was a great time. While Kat and I were ironing tablecloths in preparation, I heard this song The Doctor and the DJ on Soma FM by the band […]

  • Kitty Craft

    Kitty Craft is another band that has disappeared.  No website, no myspace, nothing.  There are a couple interviews and reviews if you dig deep enough, but they\’re all from the late 90s it seems. But regardless, I thought this was just the best music when I heard it. I\’ve heard other people describe it as […]

  • wedding dj

    I\’m in CT for my sister\’s wedding.  I\’m spending today assembling the mix list for the entire wedding and it\’s probably going to be a case of too many chefs.  Oh well, I can\’t see how it won\’t be fun in any case. The music selection isn\’t entirely up to me, or else it would […]

  • Twee Tuesday – Camera Obscura

  • Kindercore Records

    I\’m glad the Kindercore website is back up, but this might be the worst band write-up I\’ve ever seen.

  • Masters of the Hemisphere

    Masters of the Hemisphere were one of the first indiepop bands I ever heard. They were on this kindercore compilation and their song On The Streets The Key was just amazing. It has this multi-layered ending with three vocal sections.  And Meteor has a great ending too in the same style. I still get it […]

  • rough week

    It\’s been a rough week. Regular updates start again tomorrow.

  • Shoegaze Sunday – Galaxie 500

  • Twee Tuesday – Lil\’ Hospital