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Published by Taybin on 18 Jul 2008

Doveman – Footloose Soundtrack

This is just awesome.  Doveman did these Cat Power style covers of the entire Footloose Soundtrack. It has a sad backstory of being a tribute to a deceased sister.  It’s pretty effective.

I’m certainly not going to criticize the songs, but they’d be so good with a full band doing these songs.  Maybe Sufjan Stevens it up a bit with some banjo?  They’re a collection of hymns the way they’re done anyways.

Wow, even WNYC’s Soundcheck is all up on this. Not that I blame them though.

All the comments on the blogs talk about how ironic these songs are, but I don’t see it.  They’re just great.

The mp3s have been C&D’d off Doveman’s website, but I’ve got two of the tracks here, because, you know.  Fuck the man:

Published by Taybin on 16 Jul 2008

Noise Addict

2,000 kids with guitars
I just accidentally stumbled on this song I hadn’t heard for at least a decade. I was clicking around my sister’s music and saw this band Noise Addict. First song, Body Scrabs & Bizzos. Took a while to recognize it, but I remembered it from this mixtape I had made in 1997 with songs my sisters were listening to but I didn’t have at college.

Hmm, what was on that?  Pixies, Julian Hatfield, Raincoats, Frank Black, um Sinead O’Connor? I liked that song, The Emperor’s New Clothes.

But yeah, Noise Addict. Ben Lee’s first band, from when he was 13.  Pretty neat.

And the song has this great line about 2,000 kids with guitars.


Well shit, it looks like my podcast plugin doesn’t work with the new wordpress 2.6.  Here is a hard link to the song.

Published by Taybin on 15 Jul 2008

wedding video footage

Here is the footage of my sister’s wedding I was at. It’s a time lapse video under 3 minutes and the music is by Lullatone.

high quality

If you have trouble viewing that, try:
low quality

Published by Taybin on 14 Jul 2008

Ulrich Schnauss

I found this guy, Urlrich Schnauss, who makes some great trance-y music. He plays with Airiel on their song Sugar Crystals. But his solo stuff is pretty great.


I’m actually working on a video very much like this one right now.


Published by Taybin on 13 Jul 2008

Shoegaze Sunday – Airiel

After painting my new apartment all day, I just want to bliss out to this song

Published by Taybin on 11 Jul 2008

The Raincoats

The Raincoats

Okay, look, I know anyone reading this has probably heard of The Raincoats. But I just relistened to this old favorite song of theirs, No One’s Little Girl, and man, it’s so good. The way the bass line comes in all mellow during the first verse? And the violins hinting sinisterly in the background? Just super. It almost convinces me that every girl’s dream is to reject a marriage proposal.

Apparently they have a myspace.

Published by Taybin on 09 Jul 2008

misplaced CD

Ugh. I ordered The Seedy Seeds album, but had it shipped to my old work address. Who knows where it is now. 🙁

Published by Taybin on 08 Jul 2008

Twee Tuesday – Bugs Eat Books

Published by Taybin on 07 Jul 2008

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

In Connecticut, I found an orphaned baby mouse in the driveway.

We fed him a strawberry after he didn’t run away.

Then, Kat and I named him Huck and took him on an adventure to the city. We now have a pet.

He reminds me of the song The Skin Of My Yellow Country Teeth by Clap Your Hands Say Yeah.  Especially the verse:

Far – Far away from West Virginia
I – Will try on New York City
Explaining that the sky holds the
Wind the sun rushes in and a child
With a shotgun can shoot down
Honeybees that sting

I feel the same way, having moved from pretty rural area to NYC.  Over the weekend we were feeding chickens and hanging out with sheep.  It was pretty great.  Someone should write a song about being in the city but missing the country.  I bet there’s some material in that.

Published by Taybin on 06 Jul 2008

Shoegaze Sunday – Drop Nineteens

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