throw me a ladder
This band is great, especially if you like glockenspiel.

I first came across them on the wonderful The Take-Away Shows website.

Everyone needs to watch these videos.  They’re shot on the Seattle Bainbridge ferry, which I haven’t been on, but I kinda want to ride now.

The glockenspiel player just goes crazy.  A little crazy on the Lolita track, but a lot crazy on their cover of Guided By Voices‘ My Valuable Hunting Knife.

Wonderful stuff.

You should also read the post and watch the first video. I’m not a cinematographer so I’m still trying to figure out why I like The Take-Away Shows’ videos so much.  But if I had to pick a word, it’d be organic.

You can hear a little of the environmental noise, but they’re still wonderfully recorded.  The musicians just kinda deal with whatever happens.  In the Architecture in Helsinki videos, they’re marching down the street and a car honks at them.  And it just works.


Throw Me the Statue – Lolita
by lablogotheque

Throw Me the Statue – My valuable hunting knife
by lablogotheque