Published by Taybin on 16 Jul 2008

Noise Addict

2,000 kids with guitars
I just accidentally stumbled on this song I hadn’t heard for at least a decade. I was clicking around my sister’s music and saw this band Noise Addict. First song, Body Scrabs & Bizzos. Took a while to recognize it, but I remembered it from this mixtape I had made in 1997 with songs my sisters were listening to but I didn’t have at college.

Hmm, what was on that?  Pixies, Julian Hatfield, Raincoats, Frank Black, um Sinead O’Connor? I liked that song, The Emperor’s New Clothes.

But yeah, Noise Addict. Ben Lee’s first band, from when he was 13.  Pretty neat.

And the song has this great line about 2,000 kids with guitars.


Well shit, it looks like my podcast plugin doesn’t work with the new wordpress 2.6.  Here is a hard link to the song.

Published by Taybin on 12 May 2008

Blue Ribbon Glee Club

they look sleepy
Okay, this band is just awesome. My only complaint is I wish I had thought of this. The Blue Ribbon Glee Club does semi-acapella covers of punk songs. They haven’t put out an album yet, but I’ve heard recordings of them covering Fugazi, Dead Kennedys, The Pixies, T-Rex, and Sleater-Kinney.

It’s just awesome.  I also love how the girls wear sashes to all their shows.

It doesn’t look like they’ve left their native Chicago yet, but if they start to tour, it’ll be pretty great.  Or maybe someone should start a chapter in NYC?

Their version of Fugazi’s Waiting Room:

Their myspace page.