The Octopus Project
I got into The Octopus Project about a year ago when I bought their The House of Apples & Eyeballs collaboration with Black Moth Super Rainbow. I thought they were sorta okay, but wasn’t into the far out stuff.

But this new album which came out last fall, Hello, Avalanche, is much more accessible.  I love it.

I first heard their song Truck, which I think sounds like running.  I daydreamed about making a video for it, all fast motion POV of a team race in the park.

This video I found on youtube comes pretty close to what I was thinking with its frantic motion and sped up footage:

I’m including the last track of the album, Queen, here because I can listen to it so many times in a row and it still moves me.  It’s much slower than Truck. It’s almost introspective.

Hello, Avalanche was put out by Peek-a-Boo Records and can be bought here.