Month: May 2008

  • NYC Popfest 2008 tickets on sale!

    NYC Popfest 2008 tickets have finally gone on sale.  At least, the week passes are available.  Better grab them up if you want to be sure you can see Tullycraft.  Some of these venues are small.

  • Blue Ribbon Glee Club

    Okay, this band is just awesome. My only complaint is I wish I had thought of this. The Blue Ribbon Glee Club does semi-acapella covers of punk songs. They haven\’t put out an album yet, but I\’ve heard recordings of them covering Fugazi, Dead Kennedys, The Pixies, T-Rex, and Sleater-Kinney. It\’s just awesome.  I also…

  • Shoegaze Sunday – Ringo Deathstar

  • I never go to work

    Too busy at work to post anything today, which is too bad, because I\’ve got a backlog of bands I found and want to share. In the meantime, enjoy this video.

  • Eggstone

    My roommate and I were playing music for each other and he pulled out the cd for this 90s Swedish band Eggstone. They seemed pretty solid and we kept listening and then I heard the song I\’m posting here.  Just a pretty fun song about water. I\’m also including this lounge-y one from the album…

  • Twee Tuesday – I\’m From Barcelona

  • Hazelwood Motel

    I found Hazelwood Motel though the always great KEXP Song of the Day podcast. It\’s got a great guitar hook that I\’m still trying to figure out.  Apparently it\’s the catchiest song on their album, according to Three Imaginary Girls.

  • Shoegaze Sunday – Astrobrite

  • The Love Letter Band/Bad Weather California

    One of my favorite albums is The Love Letter Band\’s Even The Pretty Girls Take Medicine.  It came out in 2002 and I don\’t think they got enough press. It\’s sorta electronic-y and lofi and acoustic all at once. It\’s just a beautiful album. It might not be available anymore.  I just checked and…

  • Pufferfish video

    I\’ve been hearing this song a lot on KEXP and found this video with the song.   Very nice, especially if you\’re into alt-country.  I really like the background vocals.  They remind me of that lonely sound from the Modest Mouse cover of Sleepwalking, which also has female backup vocals on the chorus.  Anyways. Pufferfish has…