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  • Rodrigo Y Gabriela

    RODRIGO Y GABRIELA – Live Stream I first heard this band when a yoga instructor played their cover of Stairway to Heaven. I had a hard time concentrating on her directions when all I wanted to do was listen to this beautiful, mexican version. Here is a recent writeup of them on NPR.

  • Jimi Hendrix – May This Be Love

    Just heard this song on the radio. I hadn\’t heard it before and wanted to share it.

  • Celestial

    I finally bought the Celestial album, Dream On. Man, it\’s good.  It\’s got that combination of twee-pop/shoegaze that I\’m so into. I\’m not quite sure what their label situation is.  Dream On is on Skipping Stone Records, but they have a new album out that seems to be hosted by Music Is My Girlfriend. Clearly,…

  • Queen Bitch – David Bowie

    This is the David Bowie song from the Milk trailer. I especially like how the video is from one of those stogy old English, voice-of-a-generation music shows.

  • Dear Nora

    Dear Nora has some of the most depressing songs I\’ve heard, but they\’re sung in such a pretty, upbeat way, you don\’t even notice until you listen to the lyrics. The band has been, err, disbanded, but they played was at NYC Popfest 2007, so maybe they\’re keeping it alive.     label: myspace:

  • Doveman – Footloose Soundtrack

    This is just awesome.  Doveman did these Cat Power style covers of the entire Footloose Soundtrack. It has a sad backstory of being a tribute to a deceased sister.  It\’s pretty effective. I\’m certainly not going to criticize the songs, but they\’d be so good with a full band doing these songs.  Maybe Sufjan Stevens it up a…

  • Noise Addict

    I just accidentally stumbled on this song I hadn\’t heard for at least a decade. I was clicking around my sister\’s music and saw this band Noise Addict. First song, Body Scrabs & Bizzos. Took a while to recognize it, but I remembered it from this mixtape I had made in 1997 with songs my…

  • Ulrich Schnauss

    I found this guy, Urlrich Schnauss, who makes some great trance-y music. He plays with Airiel on their song Sugar Crystals. But his solo stuff is pretty great.   I\’m actually working on a video very much like this one right now. myspace

  • The Raincoats

    Okay, look, I know anyone reading this has probably heard of The Raincoats. But I just relistened to this old favorite song of theirs, No One\’s Little Girl, and man, it\’s so good. The way the bass line comes in all mellow during the first verse? And the violins hinting sinisterly in the background? Just…

  • Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

    In Connecticut, I found an orphaned baby mouse in the driveway. We fed him a strawberry after he didn\’t run away. Then, Kat and I named him Huck and took him on an adventure to the city. We now have a pet. {wp-gallery-remote: gallery=0; rootalbum=104; imagefilter=include:3410,3413,3416,3419,3422,3425,3428,3431,3434;} He reminds me of the song The Skin Of My…