Category: site news

  • rough week

    It\’s been a rough week. Regular updates start again tomorrow.

  • heard this before?

    Well, there goes my \”post everyday forever\” goal. But I got excuses. Lots of them! Work is crazy! My computer is broken! I\’m traveling out of state! No matter, I\’m going out of town this weekend and will be able to catch up on my email and RSS feeds. Maybe get some writing done while…

  • vacation

    I\’ll be on vacation this week, visiting a friend in LA who is getting married.  Posts resume next Tuesday.

  • I never go to work

    Too busy at work to post anything today, which is too bad, because I\’ve got a backlog of bands I found and want to share. In the meantime, enjoy this video.

  • rss versus atom feeds

    I just discovered today that my atom feed is broken.  If you had subscribed to it, I suggest resubscribing to my rss2 feed.  As a matter of convenience, I\’ve made the rss2 feed the only one available.

  • a small start

     A small start for a new hobby.