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  • Looking forward to Valentine\’s Day

    My fiancee bought us tickets to the Los Campesinos! Valentine\’s Day show in NYC!  Best Valentine\’s Day ever, I\’m sure. Best like whoa.

  • wedding video footage

    Here is the footage of my sister\’s wedding I was at. It\’s a time lapse video under 3 minutes and the music is by Lullatone. high quality If you have trouble viewing that, try: low quality

  • misplaced CD

    Ugh. I ordered The Seedy Seeds album, but had it shipped to my old work address. Who knows where it is now. 🙁

  • wedding dj

    I\’m in CT for my sister\’s wedding.  I\’m spending today assembling the mix list for the entire wedding and it\’s probably going to be a case of too many chefs.  Oh well, I can\’t see how it won\’t be fun in any case. The music selection isn\’t entirely up to me, or else it would…