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  • Celestial

    I finally bought the Celestial album, Dream On. Man, it\’s good.  It\’s got that combination of twee-pop/shoegaze that I\’m so into. I\’m not quite sure what their label situation is.  Dream On is on Skipping Stone Records, but they have a new album out that seems to be hosted by Music Is My Girlfriend. Clearly,…

  • Singing Bridges

    It was rainy today so I googled for \”rainy day twee\” and found this.  Just what I wanted.  Apparently they are on Skipping Stone Records, which is awesome. Here is their website.  Check them out!

  • The Morning Paper

      I found this new (new to me, at least) Swedish band, The Morning Paper, on the Skipping Stone Records website today.  Pretty nice.  Kinda ethereal. I\’m looking forward to hearing the rest of their stuff.