Published by Taybin on 13 Jan 2013

Shoegaze Sunday – Bright

Published by Taybin on 14 Nov 2011

Hudson – Against The Grain


Published by Taybin on 30 Oct 2011

Shoegaze Sunday – Flying Saucer Attack


Published by Taybin on 22 Mar 2011

Acoustic cover of Love Athena by Olivia Tremor Control


Awesome cover! I didn’t think that something so layered could be simplified like this. He even removed the hook from the guitar part.

I also never was able to understand what they were singing. Great lyrics too. Love it.

Published by Taybin on 12 Feb 2011

The New Pornographers : Move Video


Pretty funny video. It stars Jon Wurster as lead singer Carl Newman, Kevin Corrigan as Dan Bejar and features comedy stars Horatio Sanz, Julie Klausner, Paul Rudd, Bill Hader, Todd Barry, John Oliver, Wyatt Cenac, Esther Crowe, rocker Ted Leo and Best Show associate producer Mike Lisk.

Published by Taybin on 17 Dec 2010

Walk The Moon – Anna Sun

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Great video I just saw on I Guess I’m Floating, a much better music blog than this one. Sigh.

I love the first part that is done with just one take. Has that fun OK Go video feel, where they do it in one take with their friends. Catchy tune too.

Published by Taybin on 05 Dec 2010

Shoegaze Sunday – Young Prisms


Published by Taybin on 21 Nov 2010

Shoegaze Sunday – Ride


Published by Taybin on 11 Nov 2010

Rodrigo Y Gabriela



I first heard this band when a yoga instructor played their cover of Stairway to Heaven. I had a hard time concentrating on her directions when all I wanted to do was listen to this beautiful, mexican version.

Here is a recent writeup of them on NPR.

Published by Taybin on 11 Nov 2010

Jimi Hendrix – May This Be Love


Just heard this song on the radio. I hadn’t heard it before and wanted to share it.

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