Palomar + My Teenage Stride

\"\"Kat and I got to see Palomar and My Teenage Stride last night at Union Hall. It was a great show. I\’d seen Palomar several times about five years ago. But the funny thing is their bass player\’s boyfriend is now a coworker of mine and they live right down the street. It was good to see them again.  Apparently they haven\’t been playing as much as they used to so I\’m glad I got to go.

It was pretty packed in the basement.  Palomar had gotten a mention in one of the AM/Metro papers.  It might have sold out, actually. So good for them.  They were fun, just like I remembered.
\"\"My Teenage Stride\’s show was amazing. I had seen them before last year at NYC Popfest and had bought their album.

I don\’t know if their sound has changed. Maybe it\’s their new bass player, but they blew me away. I felt like I had learned something about how to compose a song. They have three guitar players each doing their own thing and the bass is what\’s keeping the song together. I guess that doesn\’t come through as much on the album which is mixed more traditionally.

Also ran into Courtney, the queen of the twee scene again. Kat and I saw her at the last show we went to as well, Peggy Pains’ Birthday Extravaganza. If I do this enough times, maybe she\’ll remember me. 😉

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