nyc popfest 2008, night 2

This was just awesome.  Tullycraft were so good. I wasn\’t expecting it to turn into a mosh, and my toes are feeling pretty sore from all the trampling, but man it was good. Everyone just started dancing.  I\’m not sure what people do for Tullycraft in other towns, but I think NYC held its own last night.

I was too busy dancing and getting completely sweaty to take many photos, but I have a couple and I\’ll post them soon once I get to my computer.

From Bubblegum To Sky did well too, considering that they were playing with a sit-in drummer and having trouble with their guitar tone.

After Tullycraft finished, Kat and I walked over to Don Hill\’s, for the Mondo dance party, where Cats on Fire played. I\’m used to the Don Hill parties being super trendy annoying affairs, all either mod or scene.  The Mondo thing was much friendlier.  Maybe it was that it was all the twee kids, but it seemed like that\’s their thing, at least according to their website.

More nyc popfest shows tonight!  I\’ll be the guy in the crowd having a good time!

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  1. Tullycraft will be the best band at the popfest this year. No other band has (or will) top that set last night. It was just too amazing!

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