unsigned bands compilation, 1989

I moved a month and a half ago and finally unpacked my computer a couple days ago.  During the move, I went through all my CDs and found a bunch of treasures.

Back in 2001, after college I was unemployed for the summer and staying on a friend\’s couch in Boston looking for work.  I had no money, but I was desperate for new music to listen to.  So I went to this thrift store which sold used CDs for $0.25 and came back with a bunch of unsigned band compilations.  They\’re mostly unlistenable.

Here\’s a sample of bands from Unsigned Bands – The Album Network CD TuneUp #7.

Some sort of heavy metal trumpet guy (Don Collette) and a couple power ballads by Ultraviolet, Blush, and The Affairs.

It\’s pretty amazing that Nirvana just sorta wiped this stuff all away.

6 responses to “unsigned bands compilation, 1989”

  1. Hey,

    I collect those Album Network Unsigned Band discs, primarily for the weird metal bands. If you have a bunch of them, get in touch. I want them! 🙂

    – Joe

  2. hey can you put
    Metal Machine – Dan Collette
    back up?

    This guy did a song on ‘metal massacre’ compilation album and I really liked it.
    Was wondering what this song was like.

    I dont think this guy made a full album. Its hard to find info on his metal projects. Hes done some trumpet stuff with big bands though.

  3. awesome!
    yes the song he did on metal massacre 10 was called:
    05 – Dan Collette – Egyptian Falcon

    it was bad@ss. you ought to check it out if you like metal.

  4. Hey Taybin,

    I arrived a little late to the party and just discovered your blog. I’d love to hear the entire Volume 7 of that Unsigned Bands CD. Any chance you’d kindly share it on this blog, or email me a link to the MP3s??

    Thank you and take care!

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