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  • Shoegaze Sunday – Flying Saucer Attack

  • Acoustic cover of Love Athena by Olivia Tremor Control

    Awesome cover! I didn\’t think that something so layered could be simplified like this. He even removed the hook from the guitar part. I also never was able to understand what they were singing. Great lyrics too. Love it.

  • Eumir Deodato – Also Sprach Zarathustra

    This was in the beginning of the movie Being There.  Pretty cool, I thought.

  • Baba O\’Riley

    I was googling around today looking for Baba O\’Riley played on bagpipes.  I didn\’t find it, but I did find this, where it\’s recreated using only computer alert sounds and some text-to-voice software. This is pretty good too: And this:

  • Covers – My Girl

    I heard this song for the first time yesterday. Pretty great cover of My Girl. But it\’s another song that\’s hard to mess up.

  • Doveman – Footloose Soundtrack

    This is just awesome.  Doveman did these Cat Power style covers of the entire Footloose Soundtrack. It has a sad backstory of being a tribute to a deceased sister.  It\’s pretty effective. I\’m certainly not going to criticize the songs, but they\’d be so good with a full band doing these songs.  Maybe Sufjan Stevens it up a…

  • When You Were Mine

    I have this theory that some songs are so good, it doesn\’t matter who covers them. You can\’t do a bad job with them. I spent all day listening to Cyndi Lauper\’s version of When You Were Mine today.  Oh man.  So good.  I can\’t help but bouncing along, all pumping my fist in the…