When You Were Mine

I have this theory that some songs are so good, it doesn\’t matter who covers them. You can\’t do a bad job with them.

I spent all day listening to Cyndi Lauper\’s version of When You Were Mine today.  Oh man.  So good.  I can\’t help but bouncing along, all pumping my fist in the air and mouthing the words while I\’m sitting at my desk.

So I found some covers today that are just making me throw myself around the room.

This is the best thing I think I\’ve ever seen.  Banjo, accordian, synths, distortion.  I want to kiss this band. The Seedy Seeds. Wow.

This is an unofficial video for Casiotone for the Painfully Alone\’s cover. The video is so good, he should just adopt it as the official one.  Great cover too.

(I should make another post of all the crazy videos I found on youtube that were also called When You Were Mine.)

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  1. i just got sucked into a black hole of watching all the “when you were mine” videos on youtube. it is endless.

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