I moved a month and a half ago and finally unpacked my computer a couple days ago.  During the move, I went through all my CDs and found a bunch of treasures.

Back in 2001, after college I was unemployed for the summer and staying on a friend’s couch in Boston looking for work.  I had no money, but I was desperate for new music to listen to.  So I went to this thrift store which sold used CDs for $0.25 and came back with a bunch of unsigned band compilations.  They’re mostly unlistenable.

Here’s a sample of bands from Unsigned Bands – The Album Network CD TuneUp #7.

Some sort of heavy metal trumpet guy (Don Collette) and a couple power ballads by Ultraviolet, Blush, and The Affairs.

It’s pretty amazing that Nirvana just sorta wiped this stuff all away.