Kevin Devine + Brian Bonz

\"\"Kat and I saw yet another show last night, making for a very exhausting weekend.  Luckily it was the always great Kevin Devine, along with Brian Bonz opening.

I wish I could find a photo of the line up Kevin used last night, but it changes so often I wasn\’t able to.  That\’s too bad because I\’m friends with his backup singer Carey, who had an amazing duet doing a cover of a Pedro the Lion song.  And my roommate Russel played guitar with him last night as well.

He gets a bit of a younger audience, which gets kinda cute.  A girl yelled to him, \”will you go to my prom?\” There was also another teenage girl weeping softly in her hoodie in a corner. They all sing along with all the lyrics too. It sounds pretty good on the quieter songs where you can hear them.


One of the things I really love about Kevin\’s shows is how he brings on the musicians from the other bands to play with him. At one point he had seven people on the stage with him. It makes the event feel really special.

\"\"It\’s been pretty great watching Brian\’s music grow. I remember when he was just this kid that crashed a party I was at five years ago. He plays with EJ and Jinda who used to be in Nixon Agnew. Actually, all these guys have been in tons of bands, so I won\’t enumerate them. 🙂

The Paxen Films guys were there too.  I guess they\’re working on a concert movie.  They had a pretty serious film crew for the concert.  They were pretty busy so I didn\’t get to chat with them too much.

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  1. that duet was incredible, i don’t even like pedro the lion and i was incredibly moved. i’m biased, of course; but i’d like to reiterate: wow.

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