Kitty Craft

\"\"Kitty Craft is another band that has disappeared.  No website, no myspace, nothing.  There are a couple interviews and reviews if you dig deep enough, but they\’re all from the late 90s it seems.

But regardless, I thought this was just the best music when I heard it. I\’ve heard other people describe it as a female Beck, and I can see that.  But it\’s a little more hip-hop too.

I think Pamela Valfer is now either an art professor and/or record producer. She had a credit on the first The Northern State album, so that\’s cool.  But I\’d like a new album please.

5 responses to “Kitty Craft”

  1. I’m not dead – just on extended holiday. Thanx for the props though.

    Much Love,
    kitty craft
    Pam Valfer

  2. New album…. whhhaatttt?!? “Lost Tapes” out June 26, 2020. 😻 say meow on Instagram @kittycraft_band ❤️

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